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Very excellent law firm. The attorneys thoroughly explained the process and followed through with excellent representation. I highly recommend.


I never give online reviews but in this case I felt I needed to publicly address this. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND James Kosnett! In this capitalistic world, It’s very hard to find someone who’s truly invested in your success without having selfish motives. He provided me with the right advice at the cost of not taking my case. I’m touched by his kindness and I’m very grateful to him in helping me take the right step in my difficult situation. He has officially become my go to lawyer and I will be referring him to all of my acquaintances. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him and talk to him about your situation.


Detailed, thorough, and caring. Ethical and professional. Highest recommendation!


I think Louis and James are fantastic people and equally great attorneys. I would recommend them to anyone and can attest to their character and ethics.


We have worked with both Attorney James Kosnett and Attorney John Alexander. They helped me ask for things I didn’t realize I had the right to and made sure my daughter has her special needs met and is treated fairly under the law. They have made availability when school have me short notice. I won’t negotiate without John or James present. Nothing but gratitude for a job well done every time.

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