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Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Insurance Professionals in California

Our Kosnett Law Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Insurance Professionals in Los Angeles provide skilled legal solutions for clients who work for some of the country’s largest, small- or medium-sized, or independently owned insurance carriers, brokers, agents, and reinsurance companies throughout California.

Our Los Angeles County insurance professional defense lawyers counsel our clients on their long-term business goals to ensure they are complying with state and federal insurance regulations, following market conduct procedures, properly reviewing coverage issues with policyholders, and more.

When there is a dispute of any type, our strategic legal representation, arbitration, litigation skills, and post-trial aptitude allows our attorneys to specialize in insurance-related litigation that may arise from licensing, investigation, or civil industry issues.

We have unmatched expertise and a proven track record of consistently delivering superior results for our clients throughout California and are available to discuss your unique insurance professional needs today during a free consultation.

When Should I Consult with a Licensing Defense Attorney for Insurance Professionals in California?

At Kosnett Law, our Los Angeles licensing defense attorneys for insurance professionals know that not all industry investigations are related to discipline, which is why we offer end-to-end legal representation for insurance professionals throughout California.

If you are contacted by an investigator, attorney, or administrator for the Board, note their contact information, and call our California insurance professionals defense lawyers today. We will identify the issue and, when possible, resolve it at the earliest stage by replying directly to the investigator. Going forward, we will manage all future communication through our law firm in a manner that is documented and controlled, so your rights are protected from the start.

Any statements you make to an analyst or investigator can become admissions that can be used against you later in court, which makes having an experienced Orange County insurer defense attorney an integral part of your professional success.

We assist insurance professionals in avoiding or minimizing disciplinary actions — including avoiding license revocation or reducing or avoiding suspension or probation periods.

That means you do not have to speak with the Board, or any other investigative branch, without understanding your legal rights and options to pursue the best outcome.

Our Orange County professional licensing defense attorneys represent existing insurance professionals throughout California and assist future insurers in obtaining their licenses when obstacles like past criminal convictions are obstructing their professional paths.

At Kosnett Law, our professional licensing defense attorneys also following services:

What are the Most Common Legal Representation Needs for Insurance Licensees in California?

The California Department of Insurance, or CDI, regulates insurance professionals and companies throughout the state.

Some of the more common notices of an investigation by the CDI include allegations of:

  • Add-on Product Matters
  • Affordable Care Act Compliance
  • Bail Insurance Misconduct
  • Civil Litigation
  • Claims Examinations
  • Class Actions
  • Coverage & Bad Faith Litigation
  • Criminal Charges
  • Elder Abuse and Exploitation
  • Fraudulent or Unauthorized Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Adjustment Disputes
  • Insurance Premium Theft
  • Marketing Conduct Examinations
  • Public Adjuster Violations
  • SIU Compliance
  • Title Insurance Rebate Fraud and Kickbacks
  • Using Deceptive Practices or Fraud

If you or your company has received a notice of investigation by the CDI, our experienced insurance defense attorneys prepare, design, and plan expert responses and strategies that are in your best interests and in compliance with our state and federal laws.

What Happens Once Contact From The CDI Turns Into a Case?

Once contact from the CDI evolves into an actual case, the investigator will file an internal report, which may result in the filing of a statement of issues, denying an application for licensure, or an accusation, seeking to discipline an existing licensee through a warning, public reproval, probation, suspension, or complete revocation.

If a case is filed, we will defend our client in the Office of Administrative Hearings, or OAH. We engage in discovery, attempt a settlement, and then go to an evidentiary hearing, or trial, if necessary.

After the trial, the Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ, issues a Proposed Decision, which is then either adopted or not adopted by the CDI.

If the CDI adopts a decision unfavorable to the client, we can seek Reconsideration, and if that is denied, or not sought at all, then we can proceed to file a Petition for Writ of Administrative Mandamus or Mandate in the Superior Court.

We will attempt to resolve it in a way that saves your license, protects your reputation, and minimizes or eliminates any disciplinary actions.

We will also use our litigation skills and unique experience to provide premier defense services aimed at protecting the license critical to your work and career if charges arise from the complaint.

What if I Am Being Sued by a Policyholder in Civil Court?

Our Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Insurance Professionals in Orange County provide experienced and effective legal representation for insurance-related lawsuits, as they pertain to our California insurance laws.

Whether you are an insurance broker, insurance salesperson, or work for one of the largest, small- or medium-sized, or independently owned insurance carriers, agents, or reinsurance companies in California, our insurance professional defense attorneys in Orange County represent all representatives, including those who specialize in errors and omissions, life insurance, fire insurance, casualty insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, car insurance, workers comp insurance, liability insurance, property insurance, earthquake insurance, and other coverages, so their rights are protected during any legal action.

Our skilled legal strategies for the defense of insurance professionals in California focus on matters of protecting the rights of the individual, group, or insurance company named in a lawsuit filed by policyholders, which is typically the result of allegations stemming from delayed claims, undervalued claims, claim denials, policy cancellations, or making bad faith claims.

How Will the Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Insurance Professionals in California Help With My Unique Case?

At Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Insurance Professionals in Los Angeles are available for free initial consultations after you or your insurance company has been alerted that your license is under investigation, and that you are facing potential disciplinary action from the California Department of Insurance.

The sooner you contact our skilled defense attorneys for insurance professionals in California, the quicker we can begin investigating the allegations to create real-time solutions that keep your insurance license from being revoked or suspended.

If the CDI investigation or civil litigation case proceeds after our initial response, and result in adverse actions, our experienced Los Angeles lawyers for insurance professionals will aggressively represent each of our clients in negotiation, arbitration, or litigation in both California’s state and federal courts or administrative proceedings.

Our experienced insurance professional attorneys in Los Angeles provide aggressive defense strategies against CDI investigations or audits due to alleged violations of the California Insurance Code that may result in failing to admit or reinstate our client’s license or for other crimes of immorality filed in civil court.

Our law firm policy is to provide a free consultation, via telephone, online conference, or in our offices, to every person or business needing legal advice or representation. Our unmatched reputation in California extends throughout the United States, with international practice in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & Asia.

Call Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense For Schedule Consultation Today

Contact our skilled Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Insurance Professionals in California today to schedule a free consultation by calling 310-445-5900 or contact us online to learn about our track record of success, and why it is second to none.

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