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Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Teachers in California

Our Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Teachers in California understand how important educators are to children’s lives from preschool through post-graduate school and when an allegation of misconduct is made against an instructor, their livelihoods and futures are immediately at risk.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing monitors, investigates, and disciplines teachers throughout the state for accusations of misconduct, which may include criminal charges, substance abuse, improper relationships with or punishment of students, and other unprofessional conduct.

Whether the allegation is waged or founded, the teacher may receive a private or public reprimand, or have their license suspended or revoked.

Our Los Angeles license defense attorneys for teachers aggressively represent these important individuals — from preschool to post-graduate school instructors at private, public, religious, and sectarian institutions — with California teaching credential license applications, disclosures, accusations, investigations, denials, appeals, reinstatements, and other related legal matters.

If you have been accused of wrongdoing inside or outside the classroom, and your license may be in jeopardy as a result, our Los Angeles County defense attorneys for teachers will help protect your reputation and your future, starting with a free consultation today.

When Should I Consult with a Licensing Defense Attorney for Teachers in California?

At Kosnett Law, our professional licensing defense attorneys for teachers in Orange County know that not all professional investigations are related to discipline, which is why we offer end-to-end legal representation for teachers throughout California.

If you are contacted by an investigator, attorney, or administrator for the CTC, note their contact information, and call our California defense lawyers for teachers today. We will identify the issue and, when possible, resolve it at the earliest stage by replying directly to the investigator. Going forward, we will manage all future communication through our law firm in a manner that is documented and controlled, so your rights are protected from the start.

Any statements you make to an investigator can become admissions that may be used against you later in court, which makes having an experienced California educator attorney an integral part of your professional success.

That means you do not have to speak with the CTC, or any other investigative branch, without understanding your legal rights and options to pursue the best outcome.

Our Los Angeles professional licensing defense attorneys for teachers represent existing professionals throughout California and assist future educators in obtaining their licenses when obstacles like past criminal convictions are obstructing their professional paths.

What are the Most Common Allegations Alleged Against Teachers in California?

Our Kosnett Law Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Teachers in California create customized legal strategies for each client we represent to proactively prevent issues with the CTC, and aggressively fight for our clients when they are accused of wrongdoing.

Our California defense attorneys represent teachers, their credentials, and licenses in all disciplinary situations, including:

  • Credential denial for criminal convictions
  • Discipline against out-of-state licenses
  • Discipline by a school or district
  • Discipline for criminal charges and convictions
  • Improper relationships with or punishment of students
  • Substance abuse
  • Unprofessional conduct in the classroom

Our skilled defense attorneys also represent credential applicants throughout the licensing application process, and other issues that give rise to problems therein, including a prior history of discipline with other California licensing agencies or boards.

That may include:

  • Administrative Hearings
  • Appeals after a Loss at Administrative Hearing
  • Defense from an Accusation
  • Denial of a Teaching Credential
  • Formal Review by the CTC
  • Investigations by CTC
  • Modification of Discipline
  • Petition for Reconsideration after an Adverse Decision
  • Reinstatement of a Teaching Credential
  • Relief from a Default Judgment
  • Reports of School and District Discipline
  • Response to CTC Letter of Inquiry

If you have been accused of improper conduct, or are under investigation for wrongdoing, contact our skilled defense attorneys for licensed teachers in California to learn how we can help you preserve your reputation and save your career.

At Kosnett Law, our professional licensing defense attorneys also following services:

What Happens Once Contact From the CTC Turns Into a Case?

Once contact from the CTC evolves into an actual case, you will receive a formal statement of their preliminary negative findings. We will produce a response to that statement, and letters of support, along with other materials that highlight your career and put your best foot forward.

If we are unable to resolve the matter quickly, we will prepare you for an appearance before the Committee for the CTC, where you will be given an opportunity to present your side of the matter, and answer questions. We will be present with you and make comments and arguments on your behalf.

If we do not like the result of that stage, we can negotiate a different result, and ask for reconsideration to defend our client in the Office of Administrative Hearings, or OAH or before the Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. We engage in discovery, attempt a settlement, and then go to an evidentiary hearing, or trial, if necessary.

Finally, if we are not happy with the decision which results from those administrative proceedings, we can proceed to file a Petition for Writ of Administrative Mandamus or Mandate in the Superior Court.

We will attempt to resolve it in a way that saves your license, protects your reputation, and minimizes or eliminates any disciplinary actions.

We will also use our litigation skills and unique experience to provide premier defense services aimed at protecting the license critical to your work and career if charges arise from the complaint.

Contact Our Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Teachers in California for a Free Consultation Today

Our Kosnett Law Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Teachers in California can help protect your reputation, livelihood, and the career you have worked so hard to attain.

We oversee disciplinary proceedings, licensing issues, criminal charges, arbitrations, mediations, civil lawsuits, expungements, fee disputes, and tax controversies, in all courts and administrative venues, State & Federal.

Our law firm’s policy is to provide a free consultation, via telephone, online conference, or in our offices, to every person or business needing legal advice or representation. Our unmatched reputation in California extends throughout the United States, with international practice in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & Asia.

Contact our skilled Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Teachers in Orange County today to schedule a free consultation by calling 310-445-5900 or contact us online to learn about our track record of success, and why it is second to none. 

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