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Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Chiropractors in California

At Kosnett Law Professional Licensing Defense, our Los Angeles attorneys provide customized legal resources for chiropractors facing board investigations, complaints, accusations, fraud, DUI, and other criminal charges that threaten their chiropractic license, reputation, and career.

The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) regulates the industry, issuing guidelines and licenses, investigating chiropractors for allegations of wrongdoing, and ultimately revoking licenses when they feel the accusations are supported.

The consequences of chiropractor discipline can be profound and require a skilled professional Los Angeles County licensing defense attorney for chiropractors to pursue the best outcome for their unique needs.

Our professional licensing defense law firm represents chiropractors throughout the state of California, no matter where they live or work, and assesses all cases during a free consultation. Contact us today to learn how we can help you fight for your livelihood.

When Should I Consult with a Professional Licensing Defense Attorney for Chiropractors in California?

At Kosnett Law, our professional licensing defense attorneys for chiropractors know that not all professional investigations are related to discipline, which is why we offer end-to-end legal representation for chiropractic professionals throughout California.

If you are contacted by an investigator, attorney, or administrator for the Board, note their contact information, and call our California chiropractor defense lawyers today. We will identify the issue and, when possible, resolve it at the earliest stage by replying directly to the investigator. Going forward, we will manage all future communication through our law firm in a manner that is documented and controlled, so your rights are protected from the start.

Any statements you make to an analyst or investigator can become admissions that can be used against you later, which makes having an experienced California chiropractor attorney an integral part of your professional success.

That means you do not have to speak with the Board, or any other investigative branch, without understanding your legal rights and options to pursue the best outcome.

Our professional licensing defense attorneys for chiropractors represent existing professionals throughout California and assist future chiropractors in obtaining their licenses when obstacles like past criminal convictions are obstructing their professional paths.

At Kosnett Law, our professional licensing defense attorneys also following services:

What are the Most Common Types of Violations Alleged Against Chiropractors in California?

All licensing defense claims are unique, including those involving California chiropractors.

Some of the most common causes of chiropractor disciplinary actions in California may include, but are not limited to:

  • Deficient record keeping
  • Billing or insurance fraud
  • Practicing medicine without a license
  • False, deceptive, or misleading advertising
  • Fraudulent, negligent, or incompetent practice
  • Improper client relationships or sexual misconduct
  • Referral fee kickback payment schemes, or referral rebates
  • Felony or misdemeanor criminal conviction related to their practice
  • Allegations of alcohol or substance abuse or practicing while impaired

At the Kosnett Law Firm, our dedicated chiropractic license defense attorneys in Orange County will review the alleged violations outlined by the BCE or California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) and design a customized legal strategy that allows us to pursue the best outcome for each of our client’s personal defense needs.

What Happens Once a California Chiropractic License Investigation is Initiated?

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners Disciplinary Guidelines & Model Disciplinary Orders outlines each of its actions when responding to a complaint.

The BCE will review and investigate the allegation, and will take one of the following actions:

  • Close the case if there is no evidence to support the claim.
  • Issue a citation or lesser form of discipline.
  • Refer the matter to the California Office of the Attorney General for formal disciplinary proceedings.

The Attorney General may file a statement of issues against an applicant, or a formal accusation against current licensees by initiating a formal hearing process under the California Administrative Procedures Act.

The Chiropractic Initiative Act allows the Board to deny an applicant’s license, discipline the license holder, or suspend or revoke their license based on the hearing’s outcome.

We will attempt to resolve any complaint in a way that saves your license, protects your reputation, and minimizes or eliminates any disciplinary actions.

We will also use our litigation skills and unique experience to provide premier defense services aimed at protecting the license critical to your work and career if formal charges arise from the complaint.

The firm’s policy is to provide a free consultation, by telephone, online conference, or in our offices, to every person or business needing legal advice or representation. Our unmatched reputation in California extends throughout the United States, with international practice in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & Asia.

Call Our Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Law Offices Today to Speak to A Defense Attorney.

Contact our skilled Los Angeles Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys for Chiropractors in California today to schedule a free consultation by calling 310-445-5900 or contact us online to learn about our track record of success, and why it is second to none.

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