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Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys in California

Our Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense lawyers in California understand how hard our clients have worked to get to where they are in their careers, and believe before anyone can jeopardize their reputations or compromise their qualifications, they must have their side of the story told.

Our California professional licensing defense attorneys know that not all professional investigations are related to discipline, which is why we offer end-to-end legal representation for all types of professionals throughout the state, so they are not left fighting for their futures alone.

If your California professional license is at risk, do not speak to an analyst or investigator without our leading defense lawyers by your side, so your statements cannot be used against you in hearings, or a courtroom, later.

At Kosnett Law, we are committed to helping California professionals minimize or avoid disciplinary actions, revocations, suspensions, or probation periods, so they can continue to serve their communities without their livelihoods being jeopardized without a fair review.

Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Lawyer Practice Areas Serving All of California

Our California Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys at Kosnett Law focuses on providing our clients with the premier legal strategies for all their career goals – no matter where they stand in the licensing process.

We help California professionals pursue a new license when they have criminal charges on their records that may be holding them back, and existing professional license holders defend themselves against civil, ethical, or unlawful violation allegations based on their vocation.

That includes audits, investigations, peer reviews, disciplinary, probation, suspension, and/or revocation Boards and Administrative Hearings, so your rights are protected from the moment you receive a notice through the conclusion of your case.

Our Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys in California represent clients in the following industries:

If you were contacted or received written communication regarding your conduct, actions, practices, or license do not respond to the investigator, attorney, or board that sent the notice without having a skilled California professional licensing defense lawyer by your side.

Your response will be recorded and used against you going forward, even if your comments were made as an emotional reply. At Kosnett Law, we will review the allegations or potential review requirements to ensure your response, defense strategy, and overall rights are protected throughout the process.

Why Do I Need a Defense Attorney to Protect My Professional License in California?

Our professional licensing defense attorneys in California will route all communication through our law firm to facilitate discussions between our clients and the investigative branch, administrative party, or review board to ensure their concerns and/or allegations are managed, documented, and controlled.

That means you do not have to speak with anyone without understanding your legal rights and options to pursue the best outcome.

Many times, when our clients’ California professional licenses are under review for any reason, their emotions can get the best of their responses – simply to defend their reputations, integrity, and futures – which can damage their case before it gets started. We understand.

Instead, contact our skilled Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys in California and tell us your story with the same passion and we will tell your story for you, so you can protect yourself from any undue harm before your side of the case is told.

If you have been contacted by an investigator, auditor, board analyst, or attorney, contact Kosnett Law right away to ensure your rights are protected from the beginning of your case.

We will proactively address all concerns, assist in clearing up misunderstandings, and stop any intrusive and oppressive harassment by investigators, while we conduct an independent investigation and file a detailed and timely response to prevent the claim from proceeding.

We will also use our litigation skills and unique experience and to provide premier defense services aimed at protecting the license critical to your work and career if charges arise from the complaint.

Kosnett Law Helps California Professionals Get and Keep Their Licenses  

While many of our clients contact us when responding to complaints, audits, or potential licensing suspensions, we also offer legal representation for professionals who are entering a new career field but are having trouble obtaining their licenses because of a past arrest, criminal charge, or conduct allegations.

Seemingly small incidents from your past, like a DUI conviction, review board allegation, or other potentially harmful statements can hold our clients back from achieving the professional license they seek. We can help you move forward with confidence, and advance your career by reviewing your complete civil, criminal, and professional records and providing the legal solutions you need to move forward.

Contact Our Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Lawyers in California Today to Schedule a Free Consultation

Our law firm’s policy is to provide a free consultation, on the telephone or in office, to every person or business needing legal advice or representation. Our unmatched reputation in California extends throughout the United States, with international practice in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & Asia.

Contact our skilled Kosnett Professional Licensing Defense Attorneys in California today to schedule a free consultation by calling 310-445-5900 or contact us online to learn about our track record of success, and why it is second to none.

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